Our trip to the UK and Austria was finally happening after a few years

of planning.  Our main reason for visiting was to see Chris's mother.  It had been

five years since our last visit, so well overdue.  We could not have even

thought about going overseas unless our beloved Weimaraners were well cared for

and once again, our dear friends Helen and Peter did a wonderful job of ensuring

our four, silver family members were looked after brilliantly.


We headed off on 17th August for our flight (business class this time !)

which was due to depart at 10.30 pm.  We have always flown with Emirates, however,

we flew with Etihad this time and they looked after us very well indeed.  Memories of the

previous long haul flights came rushing back, but at least we were able to get some rest

on the flight this time around.  We flew into Heathrow and grabbed a cab to our hotel in

Nottingham, where we would stay for two nights before catching the Eurostar train to Paris

and connecting to our train to Zurich.  A one night stay in Zurich and then yet another train trip

to Vienna for a few days, then, getting a little sick of train travel by this time and dragging our luggage

on and off, we headed to Salzburg for a few days.  We then caught a plane to Gatwick Airport, picked

up our hire car and headed to Dursley where we would spend the rest of our holiday.


We managed to pack a lot into 18 days - visiting Portobello Road Market for some shopping, seeing a lot of the sights

of Vienna and doing a boat trip up the Danube and visiting the beautiful Melk Abbey.  Salzburg was beautiful and we

loved our little mountains and lakes tour.  Such a pretty place.  It was wonderful to finally realise my childhood dream of

visiting Austria.  One more thing ticked off my bucket list !  A highlight of our trip was visiting Cornwall and catching up with our dear friend

Lynne Danneau and her husband Wayne and of course, having special cuddles with dear Logan and Oscar & Lily's very handsome dad Riley. 

Lynne and Wayne made us feel very welcome and we had a wonderful time.

We spent three days staying with Chris's cousin Stephen and his

partner Kate and their adorable little girl Ruby.  We visited Chris's mum daily and it was very sad to say goodbye to everyone.

No doubt, we will be back very soon !


Beiow - some photos taken during our trip.....